What is a digital sewing pattern

What is a digital pattern?

 A sewing pattern is a template from which the pieces of a garment are drawn on the fabric before cutting and assembling it. Sirena Patterns are digital files that are presented as PDF printed copies of several pages. A PDF pattern is a real-scale sewing pattern, divided into individual pages, printed and then glued with masking tape to create a complete pattern sheet. We offer two sizes of Letter paper (8.5 "x 11") and A4. All of our sewing patterns come with seams included, unless indicated on the pattern itself.

With a PDF pattern you can access your patterns instantly from the comfort of your home and you do not need to worry about shipping costs. You can also print them as many times as you want and make changes without losing the original pattern.

You need Acrobat Reader or similar software to open PDF files. You can download Acrobat Reader for free here.

What is a .ZIP format?

ZIP is a file format widely used on the internet. ZIP archives are data containers. They store one or more files in compressed form, which allows you to download several files in a folder. After you have downloaded a ZIP file, you need to unzip its contents in order to access them. Almost all computers already have a program installed to unzip and just by clicking on the file, it opens. Several software packages will do this, including 7-zip or Win zip. Click on the name to download them.